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About Us

Datanational Corporation, a PRMS ERP Managed Services Provider

We have over 30 years of PRMS application support experience with over 100 companies running PRMS as their primary ERP system. We also have many years of experience hosting and managing dozens of PRMS ERP Production and Backup workloads. In partnership with our PRMS clients over the years, we have been supporting various aspects of their ERP /WMS application environments, including :

  • Help Desk application support
  • Business Analyst resource augmentation
  • Application training and consulting
  • EDI implementations monitoring and integration support
  • Cross-systems integration
  • MES and eBusines  solutions
  • Custom reporting
  • System health monitoring and break/fix support
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Your PRMS Technology Partner

Since 1979, we have been providing creative and innovative IT solutions and specialized technical support services to businesses varying in size from small mom-and-pop shops in the early days, to multi Billion Dollar global industry leaders, and everything in between. These years of experience providing IT solutions, coupled with many years of expertise with IT infrastructure and system support, enable us to provide you with reliable and cost effective solutions to deliver systems, facilities and bandwidth on demand, along with 24/7 expert system management and application support.

We have earned a reputation for excellence in servicing mission-critical business application systems, including PRMS ERP. We have a strong long-term client base, willing to provide reference to our capabilities. As an application services company, we are a projects-based team, not simply work oriented. We engage in a project, complete it to your satisfaction and go away until we are called back for another project. We can best be used as our clients’ expandable IT staff for any projects that they are in need of assistance.

Our Team

Due to our broad talent pool and great diversity in skill sets, we are able to deliver a range of projects, from smaller programming engagements to full-blown, multi-site Managed Services and ERP implementation services. We have resource talents under the guidance of one of our Corporate Directors ranging from:


Project Leaders and Managers

Project Implementers


Business Analysts

Solution Architects

It is this diversity of skill sets that we bring to the table for the duration of our long-term relationship that clearly differentiates us from other “consulting” companies. We will work hard for your success, project after project, support call after support call.

We are practical problem solvers. We make customer challenges, our challenges. We are more than just a PRMS Managed Service Provider; we are your Technology Partner.

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About Us

PRMS4u is powered by Datanational Corporation. The premier vendor of choice to businesses looking for PRMS support.

Datanational Advantage

Trusted and experienced provider of Managed Services and Application Support


Datanational has signifcant ERP and eBusiness production system hosting capacity.

Solution Portfolio

We offer a variery of IT Solutions for PRMS ERP environments. Application Support and Managed Services.