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High Availability System and Data Protection

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PRMS High Availability System and Data Protection

While your existing PRMS system and data backup process may be adequate to deliver a reasonable recovery time for your business users in case of an unexpected, prolonged system outage, have you consider the impact of a data loss between your backups? If you are like many companies who perform backups only nightly, you could be at a significant level of risk to lose close to a full business days’ worth of system transactions.

How much system downtime can you afford? If your answer is as little as possible, then you should consider a hosted High Availability (HA) system solution for your PRMS System implementation. This solution delivers superior system availability and business continuity. It is designed to mitigate the risk of downtime by implementing real-time replication and rapid failover on a dedicated target hardware resource in Datanational’s DR data center. Our robust HA data replication implementation provides near-zero data loss by replicating all of the transactions as they occur to the target server. If a system outage occurs, Datanational will perform a system rollover to the target system and your users will resume PRMS system operations from the original point of failure.

A combination of Datanational’s highest level of PRMS System protection and HA replication software delivers the best of all worlds: robustness, reliability and affordability in proven High Availability solution for your company. The end result is a more reliable, easier to administer and more affordable System HA solution for your PRMS System environment than ever possible before.

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