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Secure Encrypted Cloud Backups

Remote-To-Disk Backup for PRMS

We provide a remote-to-disk backup solution for PRMS on the IBM System i and the x86/x64 Windows platforms that provides a secured compressed backup of your PRMS data to a data vault in one of our USA-based Private Secure Data Centers. This solution delivers a simpler to use process at a lower cost than in-house on site tape backup solutions provide, and at the same time, meets the audit requirements for off-site storage.

EVault (Carbonite Server Backup) software is a proven and reliable disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution, stored in the Datanational secured cloud and available for on-demand restores within minutes for your PRMS environment. Data is encrypted before and during the transmission to the Datanational vault, and remains encrypted in storage. EVault backs up dynamically, so there is no need to restore from multiple incremental backups. It securely backs up your PRMS system data via remote backup, and seamlessly extends your IT infrastructure into the cloud, delivering the following benefits:

benefits of

Secure Encrypted Cloud Backups


Eliminates the need for daily tape management and offsite media storage


Fully managed disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution with end-to-end data security


Faster recovery than traditional restore from tape -simple and fast data restore process


Secondary data backup to alternate vault at a different site

Going the extra mile

Opportunity for annual testing of your system recovery readiness


Assisted remote DR testing is practical and makes sense in today’s business environment

Is tape holding you back?

Consider Modernizing Your Data Backup Process

Have you considered all of the complexities and constraints (i.e. costs) associated with the implementation of a tape backup process? Besides the obvious tape media expenses and device maintenance costs, which are really just the tip of an iceberg of your company’s financial commitment to the unreliable, antiquated backup methodology, you also need to consider the following:

If you are not storing your backups offsite, then your state of data and system recoverability may be even worse than you think. Even if your current tape handling strategy includes all of the above steps, you may still be more exposed than you realize due to the inherent lack of reliability of tape media over time. Can you really count on your critical data being there and be able to be successfully restored?

Disadvantages of The Tape Backup Process

•Labor costs associated with cataloging the tape backups, handling and storage.

•Recurring costs for the off-site secured tape transportation service

•Recurring costs for off-site security facility storage and archival

•Maintenance costs for IBM i and x86/x64 backup management and archival software

•Labor and transportation costs involved with requests for backup tape delivery for restores

•The cost of delays of tape delivery for restores, and/or expedite fees

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