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Each of these can be vitally important to any IT department and business user community today. Put them all together and you have a world class solution for your organization....

... but with the associated world class COSTS that may force you into cutting corners or making compromises at the expense of the user experience.

IBM System i reliability, scalability and PRMS ERP functionality delivered when, where and how you want it. Datanational’s PRMS in the Cloud offering provides all of these, at a per user monthly cost to fit just about any budget.

We've Got You Covered

Why Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a software solution platform delivered to your company’s users without all the hassle of managing Information Technology. You probably don’t own your own airplane or keep a fire department on staff. So why own your entire ERP system infrastructure? You can simply sign up for your PRMS system environment on a monthly subscription plan with expandability on demand. We do the rest.

Datanational’s Cloud offering is Managed System Services with a Stated Service Level Agreement, backed by obsessive dedication to customer satisfaction. It is delivered through our participation in the Partner Programs for Managed Service Providers (MSP), which is comprised of an elite group of Business Partners who have invested in the infrastructure and skills development to achieve the highest levels of market performance in providing managed services and solutions. This new solution bundles previously separate service areas for a complete, customizable management solution including system management, hosting, monitoring, disaster recovery, data protection, and more.

What Does PRMS In The Cloud Mean To You?

It is a monthly subscription to a robust and reliable business system, powered by a company armed with hardcore experts who manage and monitor your solution on a 24/7 basis. We deliver the solution to your company with excellence, and your company focuses on doing what it does best. This is simplicity at its finest.

It’s simple. You decide to subscribe to a World-class ERP Software over a communication connection from any or all of your facilities and we provide everything else. We provide a System and the Service to keep the system available whenever you need it. We manage the technology changes, we monitor the system health, we watch the key events, we hit the marks, around the clock, 365 days per year.

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