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System Management and Hosting

Private Secure Data Center

Increased Uptime and System Reliability

You can call it Cloud Computing if you like, but we house and manage the systems in Private Secure Data Centers in North America in concrete structures connected with state-of-the-art redundant communications, cooling, battery backup and on-site power generation.

Datanational can provide your organization with world class technology and reliability with a hosted PRMS ERP solution. With Datanational’s PRMS in the Cloud, you get the power and flexibility of PRMS coupled with all the benefits and reliability of the IBM i business computing platform for a monthly price that makes sense.

We deliver your PRMS ERP implementation in the Cloud to your organization



Cost Effectively

Our fiber optic backbone and multiple connectivity options will ensure your PRMS system is accessible wherever you need it. Our redundant power systems and high availability offerings will ensure it is there whenever you need it. And our staff of knowledgeable IBM and ERP specialists will help ensure your system is running in a way that makes sense for your organization.

We've Got You Covered

7x24x365 Support

Datanational delivers active and passive system monitoring and management on a 7x24x365 basis. We leverage our High Availability and Remote to Disk solutions to provide World Class up time to our PRMS clients in robust configurations for lights out operation and highly reliable system delivery. Your company simply uses the application as delivered and focuses on their own business rather than maintaining and managing IT gear and application delivery. This approach frees up your IT Staff to focus on business requirements and process improvement rather than on gear and OS.

As an optional add-on service, we will replicate your system to a backup system located at another hardened and managed location to ensure the up-time availability of your ERP Software across multiple geographies. We manage these complicated systems around the clock so that your company can keep it simple and focus on what you do best.

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