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PRMS has proven to be a suitable and reliable ERP system for many companies. Instead of spending 6 or 7 figures to implement a new ERP system, many PRMS companies have been investing in filling the gaps that are specific to what their businesses require. Concentrating on support of the PRMS software for nearly 20 years we successfully deliver PRMS projects and support services with our hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves-and-get-it-done approach.

We are a projects-based company, not simply work oriented. We engage in a project, complete it to your satisfaction and go away until we are called back for another project. We can best be used as your expandable IT staff for any projects that you deem appropriate. We can also provide 24/7 application support and management of your PRMS environment.

As practical problem solvers making customer challenges our challenges, we are more than just a PRMS Service Provider; we are your Technology Partner. With consideration to your business needs, these solutions will deliver great results.

Let’s Optimize Your PRMS ERP Environment

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barcode scanner
Automated Data Collection

Enable accountability, workflow, accuracy and timeliness with our scanning and barcoding solution

24 hour coverage
Help Desk and Application Support

Implement functions and features more efficiently and support the changing needs of your business.

System Management and Hosting

A managed physical site for a protected, optimal system for your business environment.



Get connected and stay connected with our EDI Management and Support Services.


A turn-key solution to deliver superior customer service and improve supplier business management.

factory shop floor
MES And Shop Floor Machine Integration

Automation software for your shop floor. Control and direct the operations at the shop floor level, getting their jobs done accurately and efficiently.

In the Cloud

A complete Managed Service offering. Including security, high availability, reliability, flexibility and redundancy.

data numbers overlay
Legacy Data Hosting

Maintain access to historical business data in a hosted and monitored environment.

technology icon graph
System Recovery And Remote Recovery Testing

Practical, economical and endorsed backup and recovery solutions based on your business needs.

Communication network
Secure Encrypted Cloud Backups

Proven and reliable backup and recovery solution supported by our experienced team.

Corridor in Working Data Center
High Availability

Mitigate the risk of downtime with real-time replication and rapid failover on dedicated target hardware.

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Datanational Advantage

Learn more about many of the greatest advantages of choosing Datanational.